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lara croft
Price $0.00
Disk Space 10000 MB
Bandwidth 100000 MB
Max number of files (per domain) 20000
Max Add on domains 5
Max Sub domains 5
Max Parked domains 5
Max FTP Users (per domain) 5
Max Email Accounts (per domain) 5
Max Email Box Size (per email box) 50 MB
Max MySQL Databases (per domain) 5
Max MySQL Connections (per domain, per hour) 25000
Max Unique Visitors (per domain, per 24 hours) 10000
PHP version interchangeable 5.2 / 5.3 / 5.4
Short URL xxx.ho33.com
cPanel, Quick autoinstall scripts, SSH... yes
Absolutely no nasty ads yes
No hidden costs yes

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